Are You a Weekend Warrior?

We’ve heard of the term weekend warrior used in reference to those who serve in the Armed Forces on a reserve status but how many times do we go to church and find ourselves more like a weekend warrior than a fully activated member?

What would qualify us as a spiritual weekend warrior? Maybe we like to attend church because it’s a great place to network. Maybe we like the praise team’s style of worship music. Could be that the pastor is a great speaker or that attending church is just “the right thing to do”. Maybe we like to be around the battle, associated with those who fight, but don’t find the need to get ‘that involved’. Whatever the reason, after the Sunday morning appearance at church, the remainder of the week is filled with a lifestyle that so closely resembles the world that no one would ever accuse us of being a Christian.

I don’t think God is looking for Christian reservists. I don’t get the feeling He wants us to attend church once a week, get a bit of Word and maybe a little emotional and then return to ‘civilian’ duty for the rest of the week. Based on what the bible says, it seems He is looking for a people whose lives not just include Jesus but are all about Jesus.

We were created for His glory, after all……..


  1. The bible talks about us, as believer’s and soldiers of the cross. The mighty oaks of righteousness, a planting of the lord for the display of his splendor. We are the ones called out among the crowd that do have that profetic ear and that is empowered by the mighty power of God Almighty.I also want to as well be a mighty warrior for God. How can I truly step beyond “ME” and become a true servant of my fellow man? Servant Leadership through humility is not impossible, it simply requires Christ like efforts. I was once lost but by powerful prayers and God’s grace and mercy I have a love toward God, family and country like never before. I have that passion and most do have it but rarely put it in effect, I believe it starts with prayer, Jesus always prayed leading the example so let us get on our knees and cry out to him on what each day we can do for the Kingdom of God. God bless the reader and God Bless the U.S.A 🙂


    1. Getting beyond ourselves and living fully in Christ is possible but our flesh sure makes it difficult, doesn’t it? The bible talks about beating our flesh into subjection. Obviously this does not speak literally but it does indicate that if we hope to live a life sold-out to Christ, it will take work and even some pain, at times. The awesome thing is that God is right there along with us giving us just the strength we need to make it through.

      I’m thankful for your passion, man. You are a blessing to me and others around you. Keep letting your light shine!


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