Courageous Warriors…. Breakfast with the Actors

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a men’s breakfast associated with the new movie, “Courageous”. Two of the actors were there to give their testimony, TC Stallings, who played the drug dealer and Alex Kendrick, who played Adam MItchell and is also the director and co-writer of the movie.

TC shared from his childhood through his college football days how God helped him grow and mature into a man of courage. While playing football in college he was confronted by a coach who didn’t share or approve of his life and dedication to Christ. This coach even threatened to cut his field time. TC made the decision to stand courageous and live for Jesus no matter what may come his way. Because of this God honored him and caused him to be successful.

Alex Kendrick spoke of how God has led him and the other’s involved with the movies they have produced over the past few years and how, in spite of their lack of official training, minimal professional acting backgrounds, and low funding the movies have continued to make huge impacts in the box office and in the lives of the people who watch them. For example, the movie “Courageous” came out the weekend of September 28 along with 3 other new movies. Due to it’s lack of publicity, high paid actors, and “eye candy”, it was expected to do much worse that the other 3 movies and land in the 4th ranking spot. Since God had other plans, the movie ended up ranking #1 and as of the 29th, they knew of 200 people who had came to the Lord because of the movie. Alex claims no credit, recognizing that – in his words – he is a failure with out the Lord being in his life and in control of the projects they undertake.

So, talk about Warriors for Christ? Mighty men of valor? These are a couple right here. And while they may be actors, they are also regular guys who deal with stuff that regular guys do. God can use us too, if we make ourselves available to Him and are obedient to the direction He leads.

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