At the End of a Long Dirt Road

I grew up as a Pastor’s son in Clinton, SC and was privileged to be around many wonderful Christians.  However, there was one lady that had a profound influence on me as a child.

Her name was Sister Crane.  I never knew her first name.  She lived in a 2 room house, if you could call it a house.  It was more of a shack.  Extremely poor – no air conditioning, just an old pot belly stove.  I remember my parents taking food to her many times.  Her family had all left her and she had a skin condition that had covered her in some type of growths.  I explained all this to show what she lived every day, yet, was the most thankful and joyful person I knew.

One day when I was about 13 years old, I was riding my horse through the woods down behind her house when I heard a strange noise coming through the trees.  As I topped the hill I could see Sis. Crane knelt at a home made alter praying.  At that point, I got off the horse and just sat and listened to her pray.  What an experience!  There were many more occasions that I returned just to listen.

Sis. Crane’s prayers changed my life.  She has long been with the Lord and never knew the impression she left on this Preacher’s kid.  Over the years, on many occasions when I began feeling sorry for myself, my mind would return to that little old lady, an unknown warrior, at the end of a long dirt road.

Submitted by Jeff from Charleston, SC

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