Do We REALLY Want Everyone Saved?

Question of the Day: Do we really want everyone saved?

I mean, come on, if everyone was saved, what would life be like? Probably pretty boring. First, let’s take our workplace as an example…..

Just imagine if you shared Jesus with everyone at your workplace. And just imagine, if you will, that all your coworkers accepted Jesus into their hearts. What then? Seriously, it would be the most boring place in the WORLD to work! I mean, who would we secretly wish would quit so we didn’t have to hear their horrible language? And, while of course WE do NOT gossip – who would we be able to “overhear” talking about all of the office trash while we are trying to concentrate on our job – like a good Christian? The details of the accountant and the missing night deposit are just getting good. Plus, who else would we complain to our spouse about when we get home if our boss became a Christian? It’s hard to imagine that God would love them anyway.

Really…. come on.

What about the people we hang out with? Sure, they all know WE’RE a Christian. They know that we don’t go to a bar or club and stay out all hours of the night. They know that we attend church EVERY Sunday morning, have a personal bible study when we wake up, and that we are very careful about making sure everyone knows that WE know pretty much everything there is to know about the heart of God. So, what fun would it be if OUR FRIENDS got saved? Who would we compare ourself to? How would everyone notice how good WE are if all of our friends lived for Jesus, too?

Use your head! Get in the game!

Finally, what would life be like if all of your family was saved? Well, maybe that would be good. That way other people would stop looking at US and holding US responsible for their spiritual condition. It’s not our responsibility, after all. I mean, where in the bible does it say anything about being responsible for telling others about Jesus? I know Him. That’s what matters, right? Well, anyway, if ALL of our family served God, it probably would be boring. Who would we be able to criticize all of the time?

Sunday mornings just wouldn’t be the same…..

Well, I’m sure that we can all agree that if EVERYONE knew Jesus the world would just be much too boring. So, let’s all agree that we will not share our testimony with those around us. We should probably ignore Matthew 25 when Jesus was talking about those who professed His name versus those who lived for Him. (see: goats vs. sheep) Also, we have to leave out the fact that Jesus told us to go into the world and share the gospel. (see: the good news) We’ll pretty much just meet on Sunday to be with others like ourselves. Oh, and one last thing, in Heaven everyone will know Jesus. Just thought I’d remind you. Maybe Heaven would be too boring. Want to consider the alternative?


Ok. Me neither.

Maybe we should do what Jesus commanded.  He certainly does know best.  Sometimes we become too comfortable with the environment around us – the foul language, the wrong lifestyles, the denial of Jesus as the Son of God, etc – that we do not recognize the need to share Jesus with the people in our circle.  We forget that God loves them as much as He loves us.  We find it convenient to compare their lifestyle to ours, making us feel good about our shortcomings since, obviously, we are not as bad as they are.  Or are we?

Share Jesus with someone today.

A life in Christ is anything but boring!


Matthew 18:14 – It is not God’s will that any should perish

John 3:16 – God loves everyone in the world. No exceptions. And Jesus died for them.

Acts 4:12 – Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ.

Mark 16:15 – Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation


    1. You are absolutely correct! Rather than becoming comfortable with the way things and people are and just writing them off as lost, let’s change the world. God is a God of creativity and excitement – not boring in the least!


  1. Good post. I have noticed lately you seemed to be getting into a rhythm. Your Post are taking on a little different flare, good stuff. Keep it up.

    There does seem to be an arrogance (some would say a righteousness) that separates us from those who need Christ.


    1. Thanks Ken. I want to make it an entertaining read but not forget the point of the post. I’m kind of feeling my way into a style that fits, I guess. I appreciate your feedback man.

      Some definitely carry an attitude of arrogance. I also believe that some are so used to the way things are that they become desensitized. I know I’ve been guilty of it.


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