What Did We Expect To Happen?

Black Friday.

It’s finally here. One of the favored “holidays” among merchants across these great United States. A day when people – who have perfectly good beds inside their homes – sleep on sidewalks, in their cars, and in parking lots while waiting for the stores to open their doors and allow them to purchase all of the must-have gifts for fantastic deals.

As if they are actually doing the public a favor…..

We are sure to hear stories of the 1/4 mile long lines, of how some were trampled in an effort to get to the $20.00 DVD player first, and how two elderly ladies got into a fist fight over the last….. whatever. These things are to be expected. I’m not knocking those who want to wait around in long lines and battle for great savings, I’ve done it. I’m only saying we are sure to hear these reports and, to those who encountered these different situations and are complaining, I say:

What did we expect?

It happens year after year. It is a part of the Black Friday scene so I hope you were prepared. Sometimes we’re like that in our Christian walk. We do things that God warns us will bring destruction and pain but we somehow expect a different result. It reminds me of a story that my dad shared with me. In essence, it went like this….

One day there one was a little girl who had to walk to the top of a tall mountain. As she was walking, she met a snake. This particular snake could talk, and asked the little girl if she would take him up the mountain with her. The little girl, apparently not fazed by a talking snake, said “No, you are a snake and you will bite me. I will not take you up the mountain.” The smooth talking snake said, “No, little girl, I am not that kind of snake. I would never bite you. Please take me up the mountain with you.” The little girl felt sorry for the snake. After all, he had no feet and it would take him a long time to make it to the top. “Ok.” she said. “I will take you. Come get in my basket.” She placed the snake in her basket and continued her long trek. As she drew closer to the top, the temperature began to drop. “It’s cold!” Said the snake. “Please, put me inside you jacket.” “In my jacket?” the girl replied. “You are a snake, I cannot put you in my jacket, you may bite me.” “No, little girl, I am not that kind of snake. I would never bite you. Please put me in your coat so I can stay warm.” So the little girl put the snake in her coat and continued her hike. In a while, they arrived at the top of the mountain. The little girl said, “Ok, we are at the top. Come out of my coat now.” The snake, being the deceitful liar that he is, bit the girl. “Ouch!!” cried the girl. “You bit me! You said you wouldn’t bite me!”

“You knew what I was when you picked me up.” He replied.

There are some things that do not deserve a chance in our lives. There are some things that we learn from reading God’s word or even from other’s experiences, will hurt us if we decide to carry them along with us in our life. We know that harboring unforgiveness in our heart will destroy us. We know that pride will cause us to fall. We know that love for things of this world creates a wall between us and God. So, if we decide to carry these things and others like them, we know beforehand what the outcome will be. There are some who think that the rules may be different for them, that they will remain unscathed, even if they allow sin to remain in their life. But the end result is guaranteed. We will be bitten if we choose not to recognize the devil for what he is. So, here are some things we can be sure of:

The payment for sin is death.

The gift of God is eternal life.

If you shop on Black Friday, you will wait in long lines.

Any thoughts?


  1. Materialism, an ever increasing blight on the planet not just the U.S. Have you ever seen the documentary style movie “What Would Jesus Buy”? It is really odd but offers a great perspective on the materialism thing.


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