The Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Saturday!

Well, it’s been a great week! Our family has spend the past 3 days in Virginia with my parents and sister. We’ve had a great time laughing, eating, playing games, eating, sharing, and…. eating. I hope you have enjoyed your Thanksgiving week, as well.

For the blog, we started off the Thanksgiving week with

A Word on Selfishness and Super Human Strength

which talked about not being selfish with the ministries and talents that God has allowed in our lives. Then I shared what I am thankful for this Thanksgiving in

Thankful Thoughts This Thanksgiving.

Then we finished up with

What Did We Expect?

It talked about knowing what God says will happen if we allow certain things in our life but expecting a different outcome. I hope you enjoyed the posts this week and that they were helpful in some way. If you missed any of the blogs this week, stop by and check them out. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am also very thankful for those who read, comment, and share these posts!

Thank you!

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