There’s something a’ stirring….

Today you are not reading a post by Rick. You are reading a post by his other half, Careise.  “Hello there!”

I thought  you should know this isn’t “Rick” simply so you’re not weirded out when you read things like “my husband”. That would probably be uncomfortable for you to think that “he” was saying that.

So with that out of the way….

“My husband” *wink* asked me to share what’s been on my heart, so here I am, even after I told him “No way!” – but I’m glad he persisted. =)

I just want to encourage whoever may read this. To take us into the topic, I’d like to use one of our daughters as an example.

Her name is Jana [pronounced Jan-uh, not Jane-uh] and she is 4 years old with beautiful hazel eyes, long brown hair, and a cute little smile. My husband describes her as a cool mix of sweetness, energy, and toughness all in a little 3 foot, 6 inch tall package.

Jana loves animals.  Actually, she adores them.  She has fun playing with her 3 sisters, loves to be tickled and thinks its funny to punch her daddy.

Jana also loves to sing.  More importantly, she says that she loves to sing songs to God. When she was a toddler, whenever she would hear me singing she would go into the room and reach her arms up to be held and just lay her head on my shoulder. Maybe it started from hearing her “mommy” sing but I can see that this is a gift in her that God gave her and He is stirring it up within her. There is a passion that has already started to burn. Which brings me to the idea that…

There’s something a stirring…

Maybe there is a gift inside of you that God has placed there and He is stirring it up.

Maybe there once was a gift that you were given but you put it away.

Maybe you feel that nothing is stirring inside of you and are waiting for it to happen.

Whatever the situation, God has placed something special in each of us and our prayer should be that God will stir up those gifts,and allow us to rise up and shine for Jesus. Not because we want to be seen but because we want HIM to be glorified.

The awesome thing is,

He wants to use us for His awesome purpose.

He wants us to shine for Him.

He wants us to glorify Him.

He says that we are the light of the world and we need to let our light shine before others and glorify our Father in heaven. Read Matt 5:14-16

In Jana’s pure and tender 4 year old heart, she has a song of praise to God. God has specially placed it there and is stirring it up. He wants to use her for a specific purpose, as He does all of us. As a parent, to see that God is preparing our children for His purposes is an indescribable feeling and we don’t want to get in the way of whatever He wants to do in their lives.

My prayer for our children, for you, and for me is that as we seek the Lord and worship Him that He will continue to stir up these gifts within us and give us new revelation of His plan for our lives. May our ears be open to hear His voice and our hearts be ready to receive His will for us. May our feet be in position to go when He says go. May our hands be willing to do what He says do. May our will be submissive to His will and our spirit be as one with His.

May a passion burn inside of us like never before so that we won’t be able keep silent when it comes to our Lord. May we always remember that no matter what we do for God, that it’s all about Him, it always has been and always will be. May we keep our minds on this thought, that the point of our lives is to point to HIM. To God be all glory as we shine for Him using the gifts He has given to us.  Amen……

God wants to use you. Whatever it is that He has placed inside of you is something that He will use for you to minister to others so you can share His great love and Salvation. Don’t let fear, feelings of inadequacy, pride or anything/anyone get in the way of what He wants to do in you and through you. One of the devil’s tricks is to keep God’s children silent and to keep us from fulfilling God’s plan for our life. I know I am guilty. I have let the devil silence me with thoughts of fear and inadequacy which kept me from stepping up at times. As a matter of fact its one reason I didn’t want to do a blog post!  Well, looky there…  We need to push the hindrances aside, silence the voice of the enemy and believe the Voice Of Truth and just grasp the fact that God has a great work for you and He is calling you out to shine for Him.  Let Him stir up those gifts within you. March forward as a mighty warrior in Christ, shining for Him and making a difference in the world around you! It’s all about Jesus.  His Kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Below are a few scriptures that you can click on to read and be encouraged by.  Take a look and see what the Word of God has to say about it.

Romans 12:3-8

Phil 2:13

1 Peter 4:10-11

Gal 6:4-5

Thank you all so much for taking your time to read. May God continue to bless you as you bless others!

Also, I hope you enjoy this video of Jana. The song she is singing is called “A Little Longer” by Jenn Johnson.

Listen to the words and I pray the Lord touches your heart…..


  1. Awesome word! Thanks for posting today, honey. It’s so cool to know that all of us were created with purpose. That no matter who we are, God’s desire is to use us for His glory and that each of us have our own talents and gifts that God has put in us to be developed for His glory. Lord, stir up the gift in me!


  2. She’s ADORABLE! This post is a challenge, even though it seems like we’d readily jump into using our talents. But you’re right when you describe the feelings that run through our heads when God stirs us to action–nervous, inadequate, unsure. It’s tough stepping out of the comfort zone sometimes, but always worth the trouble.


    1. Amen about that, we always find out that it’s worth the trouble, when we just step out for Him. Thanks for commenting, Christie! Thank you for watching the video too sista! =)


  3. This was a great word and MUCH on time!!! I was in tears watching little Miss Jana sing. You’re right – there IS something a’stirrin’ within her! What a blessing you are, Careise! I thank God for you, for using you! You touch more lives than you know and I know it’s all for His glory! God bless you my Sista’! 😉


    1. Angela, you are such an encouragement and I thank God for you! Thank you for your comment girl!
      And its such a blessing to know that video touched your heart too=) God is so good!

      *May we be a generation that shakes the nation for Jesus! Stir us up Lord!*


  4. What an outstanding post careise! This is an intoned message for all Christians to do the will of our heavenly father, no matter what, and who try to hinder US. The closer we get to God the more the enemy tries his evilness to hinder US, be on guard and shielded by his armor and keep strong no matter what. You and Rick are a blessing, keep on with it and your reward is going to be grand in the glorious city of our savior and God.


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