The Weekly Wrap Up

We’ve come to the end of another week and find ourselves yet another 7 days closer to Christmas! The excitement level around our home is about an 8 and continues to climb. Our tree and decorations are up, Christmas music is playing, and even a few presents have shown up under the tree. This is a fun, albeit busy, time of the year. I hope you’re enjoying it!

This week we started off talking about our name tag. What do the people in the world see when they see us? What would they write on our name tag?

On Wednesday, we discussed what it means to be in the Christmas spirit. That there is nothing wrong with enjoying this time of the year – the decorations, the giving, and the general excitement associated with Christmas. If we can still keep the ultimate focus on Jesus, we’ll find we can enjoy the season even more!

Yesterday, my wife posted for the first time! She wrote a timely blog that spoke about our gifts from God. She asked us if we allow Him to use us in the way that He desires and told us that He has a purpose for each of us. She said that, even when we do not see any giftings in our life, we should pray that God would stir them up within us. He knows the plans He has for us!

Well, our four year old, Jana, just asked her daily question:

Is it almost Christmas?

I think we’re finally close enough to say “Yes! Yes it is!”

Have a great weekend!

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