The United States, The Great Melting Pot Of Religions.

The United States has long been considered a melting pot. People come to our country from around the world because of the freedom they find within our borders.  They find freedom to start businesses and be successful, freedom to express their opinions without oppression, and freedom to practice the religion of their choice without persecution. Yes, they come here because of the freedom but now it seems freedom is being redefined. The new word for freedom?


There are some who want to “break the boundaries” between different religions and bring in an atmosphere of interdependence. What does that mean? It means I’ll worship my God, you’ll worship your god, and they’ll worship no god and we’ll all be ok. It will no longer be about which is the true god or even that there is a God, only about learning to live together in unity.

On the surface, it sounds inviting. Learning to understand another’s belief is very important and living together peacefully is a signature of Christ-like life, so no problems there.  The problem with that mind-set is there is no belief in one true God and once we get away from believing in the one true God…

We fail. 

King Solomon had this very problem. The king, who when asked by God what He desired most said “wisdom”, fell because He allowed the worship of false gods in his kingdom. It was a mistake for which he paid dearly. His kingdom was attacked and even his lineage was affected because of it. 1 Kings 11 tells how Solomon’s wives turned his “heart after other gods”, and that he followed their gods, Ashtoreth and Molek.   Because Solomon followed what appealed to his eyes and ears he allowed the idols to enter into the kingdom.  Once in, it was only a matter of time before it polluted him and affected the people he influenced.

The problem is not in associating with people of other religions or beliefs. It’s about attempting to marry our belief in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to other religions.  Jesus said that He is the way, the truth, and the life and that no man goes to the Father except through Him.  It’s that simple.

With there being so many religions around us, there will be times when others may question our beliefs.  Are we ready to give an account for what we believe?  Can we boldly address the question “Why is your God the only God”?

Do we allow the power of God to be active in our lives so that people will not only hear our words but actually see evidence of Him living in us?


  1. It used to be that hypocrisy was claiming one way and living another. In my humble opinion it has changed a little. I think it is hypocritical to claim being “sold-out” and not knowing enough about your religious choice to even have a good conversation.

    You nailed it with your questions-

    Are we ready to give an account for what we believe? Can we boldly address the question “Why is your God the only God”?

    Or do we just parrot the ideas spoon fed to us at church or small group? That seemed a little harsh but I am talking about my journey. I need to know what I believe if I plan to share it.
    Good post


  2. This seems like everywhere you go these days. There are those that think and believe like what you’ve quoted Rick. I come in contact with this every drill. What I tell them is that my God saved me and forgave me when I believed on his only Son with the repentance heart. I tell them this, if you want to have an experience with the only one true Alimighty God, have that open heart and let him come in and change your life forever. Sometimes they are takers and some they are scared to leap out on faith. Thanks for all your posts and thoughts Rick, hope you had an awesome Christmas. Bless You


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