Can You Share Your Faith In 60 Seconds Or Less?

Do you have an elevator speech?

An elevator speech is used to tell someone very quickly what it is that you do. Let’s pretend you’re a salesman for a moment. Whenever someone asks you what you do for a living, instead of saying, “I’m a salesman”, you say…

“I show people how they are able to save money by using products that save energy over the course of the year.”

People associate different careers with their own preconceived ideas of that profession. When they hear “salesman”, they may immediately think of the scam artist that sold them the used car that broke down a week later. When you tell them what you do as a salesman, they are able to get a better feel for your particular niche. Are you still a salesman? Yes. But now they know you are selling a product that will improve their life by saving them money. That could make a difference to the person you are talking to and they may ask you to share more with them.

How does that apply to sharing Christ?

Unfortunately, the world has been smothered with examples of people who call themselves Christians but live a life of hatred, selfishness, and deceit. People professing to be Christians spew hateful words toward other religious groups, threatening and attacking those who live in sinful lifestyles, and even stealing from those who support their ministry. It’s no wonder why many in the world have a negative opinion of “Christianity” and also why telling people that you are a “Christian” may not mean anything good to many people.

That’s one reason having an elevator speech ready is so important.

The first step in preparing your “speech” is to take time to think about what being a Christian means to you. What changes has Jesus brought into your life? How has the decision to serve Him improved your life? What has He restored in your life that was previously destroyed? Each person’s will be different. It could be about how your marriage was restored or how you were delivered from alcoholism. Maybe it’s about how He’s opened new doors for you after the previous company you worked for went under or how you are able to work with underprivileged children downtown on weekends. Pray that God will help you identify these things. These are your personal testimonies and no one can dispute them. Once you’ve identified your points, condense them into a neat, easy to convey paragraph.

Make it short. Make it intriguing. Make them want to know more.

If after your 60 seconds the person wants to talk more, stay and talk. Share what the Lord leads you to share. If they do not want to talk any longer, let them go. You’ve planted a seed in them that may take root and one day grow into a thriving relationship with Christ.

Never be ashamed of being a Christian. One by one we can overcome the stigma that many in the world have about those who claim Christianity. The elevator speech is one way to tell people that you are a Christ-follower with examples of the goodness that He has brought to your life.

Show them love. Show them patience. Lead them to Christ.

Have any of you used this type of technique?


  1. One other tip-Don’t use any Christian-y or church words. As Christians we may not even realize we are speaking a language people don’t understand. Kinda like when the Dr gives a diagnosis and we ask for it in English so we know what he means.


  2. Amen on this post. That’s right completely – let the person vent a little and let he or she feel important. Grab their attention and inject God’s Love in them with patience and the persuasiveness of the Spirit and watch the Holy One touch them. Before you know they’re wanting to know more. To tell one’s personal experience with the lord is more powerful than you can think. I’ve told my story more times than I can count but every time God brings life back to me and overwhelmes them with his Awesome presence. I love God and I pray this year I will do abundantly more for his kingdom than ever before. God Bless you and all that read in this “FRESH NEW YEAR” the Lord placed before us:)


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