If You Could Speak But 100 Words.

What would you say if you could speak but 100 words?

How would your conversation differ

as you wisely chose your verbs?

Would you waste your time complaining

of things you don’t intend to change?

Would you use the precious words unwisely

by calling someone names?

Would your conversation focus

on great things that you have done?

The money you have made

or the contracts you have won?

What one thing would you do if you could do but just one thing?

What would take that highest rank,

greatest priority?

Would watching this week’s game

be high up on your list?

Would you spend your time on Facebook

or care if Twitter did exist?

Would you be concerned with working late

so you may gain success?

Climbing up the corporate ladder

but your family life a mess?

How would you treat others if you had but just one chance

to show them Christ

without a word

and never a second glance?

Would you be impatient

and push people to the side?

Would you be so rude to strangers

not look them in the eye?

Would you still give a cold shoulder

to those less fortunate than you?

Would you curse the ones around us

who have a different view?

How would your life be different if strict limits were in place

that made you choose more carefully

the things you do and say.

Would you make a point to share kind words

When the opportunities arise?

To spend more time where it’s worth?

To comfort children’s cries?

Would you treat others

with respect and with dignity?

Not considering their social class

or what they’re offering?

God sees each word and deed and views them valuable

What did He see in us today?

Were we blessings in this world?


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