My Wife and I Are Attending Our First Couple’s Retreat! #Stoked!

Today my wife and I are attending our first Couple’s Retreat – and we are stoked!

Since this is our first retreat, we’re not quite sure what to expect but we’re looking forward to spending time with other great couples and even getting some time alone – which doesn’t happen often when you have four young daughters! We’re heading to Myrtle Beach for 2.5 days of learning, fun, worship, and growth. Yes, we’re going to the beach in February and, even if it is cold, we’ll enjoy it. It just gives me a good excuse to hold my wife tighter!

Not that I’ve ever needed one.

Now… there are some people who think retreats like these are for those with bad marriages. They say things like:

“See Jim? I told you they were going to that retreat. There must be something going on with their marriage.”


“I knew they’d been acting weird – they really need that retreat to get them back on track!”

What do I say? I say Congratulations! to those who choose to spend time at a retreat or something similar with their spouse, whatever their current condition.  There may be some couples who are on the verge of walking away from their marriage. Some may have lost the spark they once had and are looking for a way to rekindle the fire. Other couples want to keep their edge.  Most all realize we can always learn something – ways to strengthen our love, ways to be a better partner, ways to better honor God in our marriage.

If you happen to be a critic, I ask – why does it matter why someone has decided to go? If marriages are saved, flames are rekindled, and we learn ways to better love our spouse, then mission accomplished!

As a follow up on Monday, I’ll give you my impression of the retreat, what my wife and I learned, and what I think any couple could gain from attending. I hope all of you have a great weekend!

I know we will!


Important note: A huge thank you to Jerry and Teresa for watching our daughters for us this weekend! God bless you guys for being such a blessing to us! I know the girls will have a blast with you!
Thanks to Country67 for their photo on today’s post.  See them on!

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  1. We’re praying for all of you who are going.

    These retreats are important to building bonds in the family of God, just as family reunions allow for family members to reconnect and reunite, these retreats allow for those attending to connect and unite – to share, to listen, to bare, to encourage, to care, to agree, to bolster, and to grow.

    Not just for their spouse or family, but ultimately for God. That is the goal.

    May the Lord bless you both and the rest of the couples attending.

    Maybe, just maybe, Tere and I will go next year…maybe!


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