Why An Inactive Bank Card Is Much Like A Faithless Christian.

Have you ever gotten a new bank card and on the back it has the sticker that says, “Please call to activate this card”?  You will find out fast that while the card is real, it is yours, and it is full of potential – it is totally useless to you until you activate it.

That’s how God’s promises are in our life.

He has made hundreds of promises over His children – promises of healing, of deliverance, of provision, of victory – but these promises are powerless to us unless we choose to activate them in our life.

So, how are they activated?

Through faith.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


Hebrews chapter eleven gives example after example of Godly people putting faith into action and when they did, God moved!  We see that through faith we are righteous, we walk with God, and we are obedient to God.  By faith we look ahead to what God has in store.  In faith we are shielded, we are led, we are victorious!

So many things, unimaginable things, are possible if we put our faith in God.  There is nothing too big for the Creator of this universe, nothing too small for our Father who loves us so much.  He only asks us to believe.  Believe the awesome things He has promised and He will move in our life.

I have some awesome testimonies of what God has done for me and I’m certain many of you do, as well.  If you have an example of how God has moved through your faith, share it with us!

Let’s work together to grow our faith!

Thank you to justDONQUE.images for today’s photo.

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