Something Amazing. Something Powerful. Something New!

Think of the greatest thing God has done for you.

What is the biggest miracle you’ve ever experienced?  When was the most powerful time of worship you’ve ever encountered?  How was your biggest stronghold conquered?

What is the greatest thing that God has done in your life?

As you reflect on this awesome experience or encounter you had with God, remember how you felt.  Remember the closeness.  Remember the power.  Remember how real God was right at that moment.  You felt like He was right there with you – you could touch Him.  You felt free, lighter than air.  It was like nothing you had experienced before.

Is God now saying….

“… forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new.”  Isaiah 43:18

I don’t know how you felt as you read those verses but I know I felt the Spirit of God!  It is exciting to know that God has something great just over the horizon – something greater than we’ve experienced ever before!  That thing or that time you were just reflecting on a moment ago will pale in comparison to what God is going to do.  I feel like every sentence in this paragraph should have an explanation point following it because it… is… exciting!  It’s powerful!  It fills me with anticipation! Knowing that a great and limitless God has something far greater than what we’ve already seen is breathtaking.

Breathtaking… and challenging.

It’s challenging because prior to  God doing something greater, bigger, and more powerful than we’ve ever seen before – it may require us to increase our faith.  When thinking back to the previous big thing that God did in your life, what preceded it?  Did it just… happen?  Was everything in life going along fine and God just showed up and added more blessing?  Or were you in the middle of a challenge?  Many times, if not all, a great move of God is preceded by a time of hardship.  Maybe some event impacted your life negatively.  You may have went through a time when you felt your worship was being hindered or your prayers unanswered.  You may have even went through a season of doubt.  But  these things required us to seek, hear, and trust God with all of our heart and, when we did, God showed up!

God has something great in store for us and it’s just around the corner.  It may not come without challenge but it will come if we’re faithful!  Don’t limit Him to the last great thing.  Our God’s power and imagination are limitless and He is going to do great things through His people.  Accept the challenge today and decide that you will seek, follow, and trust God with all of your heart and life.   Then, get ready…

Expect the Unexpected!

Thanks to Ronnie Scotch Finger for today’s photo.


  1. So true! It’s often hard to see all the great things that God has in store for us, but if we continuously live our lives with a 212 degree faith, then there is no telling what God’s gonna bless us with. The key is to stay faithful in the little things: the rest will fall into place.


  2. I love this!! Gets me all stirred up, honey! and wow, when i read that scripture

    “… forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new.” Isaiah 43:16

    I felt chills!! I just want to screeeaaammmmmm from so much excitement in my spirit!
    Greater things are coming!!! He’s got it all planned out and waiting for the right moment to call His children into something new as we keep our ears in tune with His voice and eyes focused on Him.

    My spirit is about to burst just reflecting on everything the Lord has been showing me lately, thru dreams, thru His Word, thru others, thru different situations and in my quiet time with Him. i’m just like WHOA Lord! He is that Great I AM!! He is a GOOD GOOD DADDY! I love being His Daughter!

    Thank you for letting the Lord use you to share your heart, honey.
    ( i love you Ritchey) 🙂


    1. I know, honey! God has so much in store – so much going on in the background that we are not even aware of! We see bits and pieces as He reveals them but He has probably been preparing us for years for this time. I don’t know exactly WHAT He is going to do or WHEN He will do it but He is going to do something and I want to be READY! I love you, babe!


  3. This was so inspiring. It’s great to remember that He’s always up to something great, and that our weeping endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. 🙂


  4. My son hadn’t been in the Army long. He was at Camp Casey in S. Korea. I got a call one night saying he was in critical but stable condition in ICU, I thought it might be a crank call. I fell to my knee’s right then and prayed so loud I scared the cat. He had a severe head injury. I was taught to pray in detail, so I did. I have never had faith so strong and so perfect. I never doubted God would bring him home whole, not in a box. The pentagon called in the am, I said I haven’t slept, when I close my eye’s I see him laying in the street bleeding. The man said, thats how we found him, left for dead bleeding from his eye’s, ears nose and mouth. They waited 3 days to call, they expected him to die. My son is a Christian. It took a few days for them to get me on a flight. I’d never flown in my life. I had to stop off for a passport. Lady says, it’ll be a few days. I said no it will be now. The pentagon said you would give it to me asap, I have a plane to catch. She jumped to it. When I was picked up at the airport, it was 11pm, I was told we’ll sneak you in for a few minutes. He looked good but lost alot of weight and white as a sheet. I prayed over every procedure, every dr, every plane you name it. They said he would be on med’s the rest of his life. The Korean dr wanted to release him to his camp, I said he can’t walk how is he suppose to eat? The american general in charge wasn’t happen they weren’t getting him up, I wasn’t either. There was enough rift between the Drs, that the korean dr released him and the American General took over. When he was ready, we both left the same morning, the war had already started. Him for Hawaii & Trippler hospital, me for home. He would get there way before I got home. Once home I called the hospital, they didn’t have him. I didn’t worry not for one second. It was many hours before I could contact Korea. When I spoke to the General, he rushed to assure me my son was fine. The medivac plane had technical problems and turned back. My son never got on that plane. He came home for 30 days to recoup. At 2:30am the phone rings. It’s his sgt wondering where he was. They never told him my son was sent home. He was checked again and given the ok to go back to base in Korea. This is the only prayer that wasn’t answered and I didn’t understand it. He went camping and the guys dropped a 50ft tent pole that landed on my sons head. He called from the hospital saying the nurses are asking about me. Took me a few seconds, then I yelled, what did you do now? he laughed. His mri was fine but the dr asked, son what base is closest to your home. NC. He came home on weekends, it took 2 years to process him out. He worked in a clinic, everyone coming in for shots to head to Irac. It was eating him alive, he wanted to go so bad. When he learned at the start of his career it was already over, it was hard to see him hurt so. A dr told him not to bother with college. Once home he went to the VA and mentioned college, agaIn he was told no you can’t. He told the dr he was in college for quite some time and had a 4.0 grade. He doesn’t need the drugs they said he’d be on forever, he’s smarter than anyone I know and he’s in top notch shape. He has 2 degree’s, has a beautiful wife and I have a beautiful grandson almost 2 years old. He is a walking miracle. Family & friends questioned me as to how I made it though all of this. I said, Jesus. As for the unanswered pray that he not go back to Korea, God knows all even when we don’t understand it. Because of his injury, he couldn’t go to Irac. All things work together for good. Had he not been hit in the head the second time, my only child would have been in Irac. I feel like we cheated, got off easy. So many have severly injured kids, have had to bury their kids. I guess just maybe, God knew I could never handle losing my only child in Irac. I was divorced when my son was one. Thank God for my parents, but I lived for my boy. Gods word is true, he is faithful. He is in control. If you believe and trust in Jesus, it doesn’t mean you won’t have hard times. But you will have him to lean on. Lean on him everyday, be humble before him and others. If you put your’re life in his hands, he’ll get you though things you never thought possible. God wants to be close to each of us. You can’t call on Jesus out of the blue because you need help. He doesn’t operate that way. You have to build a one on one relationship with him, it’s then that he will carry you though. God may not be on time, but he is never late. Referring to our time, put everything in God’s hands and stand on your faith. I can’t begin to guess how many people I talked to from SC to South Korea and back. But everyone of them knew what happened and that I trusted God to make everything right, they saw that I wasn’t worried. I witnesses to many a person, and most of them didn’t even realize it but I left them wanting what I had. By the way, my tough Army kid never showed what my being there meant to him, until he called me the morning we were leaving. He cried his eyes out thanking me for being there for him. No matter how old we get, sometimes we still need our Mama. But we must have Jesus.


  5. Bro, great post, the amazing thing is if the Lord were to do nothing more in our lives we’d be totally satisfied……right?
    We know that on the Horizon of all our lives is Heaven!!! Being with Jesus for all eternity……now that is when no more words are required.
    Bless ya


    1. … and it’s not just in the blessings that He always gives, it’s in the plans that He has for us – to use us for His glory. It’s awesome to think that He chooses to use us, insignificant us, to bring Him glory and carry out His plans.

      Thanks and God bless!


      1. I love knowing that He has plans for His children and that He wants to use each of us for His will and His glory!!
        one of my favorite scriptures “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me–the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” Acts 20:24


  6. Rick, again I cannot believe that God has crossed out paths, but as I read this I fully trust that this is no accident. God’s power is indeed limitless and this hits the nail on the head.


    1. It’s funny how things and people come together. We never know what God has planned for our lives. We’ll have to get together for dinner sometime. God is good! Have a blessed week, brother!


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