Hello, My Name Is _________________

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if any person you’ve came into contact with during the past week decided to visit your church Sunday?

To clarify, I’m not referring to someone who you may have been praying for and inviting for weeks.  I’m talking about someone you’ve come in contact with randomly.  Someone you wouldn’t have planned on walking through your church doors.

For instance, the cashier who thought the details of her coworker’s date the night before was way more interesting than the $300 you were spending on groceries.  She never said a word to you.  She rang up your items, made you look at the screen to see your total, and then handed you your receipt without a simple thank you.  I mean come on, your grocery bill just paid her for 2 days of work and she didn’t even say thank you?  So in return she totally deserved the glare you gave as you jerked the receipt from her hand and stuffed it into the bag with the frozen chicken and 6 cans of green beans, which incidentally broke when you got it out of the car later.  If she were to visit your church maybe your sticker would read:

Hello, My name is:  I’M BETTER THAN YOU

What about the person who pulled into your parking spot when you were obviously about to pull  into it?   Your evening was perfect, your plans well laid out, and look, the Lord even blessed you with a perfect parking spot.  You drive up to it, thanking God for “the small things“, and put your turn signal on to pull in.   Just as you do, out of nowhere, someone zips into it.  Where did they come from anyway?  Well, you certainly have your opinion, which you share quite audibly.  Your window was up so they probably didn’t hear you over your blaring horn.  Your sticker?

Hello, My name is:  JERK

How about the lady in the drive-thru that got your order wrong?  When you were almost out of gas.  And late for work.  Seriously people.  It’s a drive-thru.  It’s supposed to be fast, right?  If she can’t keep up, move on to another position.  Hopefully she overheard  as you shared your disapproval with the person you were talking to on the cell phone when she handed you your order, for the second time.  Write it big for all to see…

Hello, My name is:  IMPATIENT

These and a thousand other examples could happen any day of the week.  It’s part of life and it can be frustrating.  Two thoughts come to mind, however.

First,  Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

Second, First Impressions Are Everything. 

The way we treat someone this week could come back to help us or hurt us if they decide to show up at our church next Sunday.  If I am remembered as rude, impatient, and proud, how can I expect to lead anyone to Christ?  All of the words in the world will not cover up how they have seen me act.  It’s not always easy and we may be unsuccessful sometimes.  I know I am.  To help me improve, I’ve found that one of the best things I can do is to ask God to help me to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh.  The better I get at doing that, the better I will handle these ‘encounters’.

Maybe He will even turn some of these encounters into opportunities.

Do you have an example – good or bad – of how you’ve reacted to someone who wasn’t treating you the way you felt you should?  What would be written on your “Hello, my name is” sticker?


Biblical Back-up

“And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Col 3:17


  1. That is so great Rick and so true. Myself is that what if; or why me; and then my temper will kick in with discouragement and shame for getting angry. I am not sure why God directed me here but I want to please him above all. I pray that I think on his playing ground more than my own. I really do love the Lord and I am so grateful for him for showing himself to me. Keep these up man their really great, sorry for not always loging on, so swamped lately. Bless you man:)


    1. “What if” and “Why me” are good ones. I bet we’ve all been there more than once. I know you have a heart for God and I know that there are a lot of people out there who would write “Loves Jesus” on your sticker.


  2. What an awesome post! I hope that we’ll always keep in mind that we are giving ourselves a name by how we act. As Christians we are Christ’s representatives……

    A scripture came to my mind while thinking on this and its in 2 Cor 6…
    “We don’t want anyone to find fault with our work, and so we try hard not to cause problems. 4But in everything and in every way we show that we truly are God’s servants. We have always been patient, though we have had a lot of trouble, suffering, and hard times. 5We have been beaten, put in jail, and hurt in riots. We have worked hard and have gone without sleep or food. 6But we have kept ourselves pure and have been understanding, patient, and kind. The Holy Spirit has been with us, and our love has been real. 7We have spoken the truth, and God’s power has worked in us. In all our struggles we have said and done only what is right.”


    1. People know us by our fruit. Great scripture! It says in verse 6 that the Holy Spirit was with them and their love was real. I think that’s the key. Being full of God’s Spirit and having genuine love for those around us.


  3. I loved this post since the very first time I read it. But then it became real today. I had a revelation of the truth behind this idea…that we are to live our lives in a way that points to Christ ALWAYS. NO BREAKS. My story starts last Tuesday night….as I was waiting for a friend at a Mexican restaurant. It had been a very long day, I had been yelled at by a client…I just wanted to eat and go home. But as I sat there, I made a choice to be cheerful to the waiter. Dinner went well…and afterward, my friend and I went up to pay. Our waiter was playing a song for a little boy and said he had been trying for a week to find out what it was called so he could download it. It was driving me crazy because the name of the song was on the tip of my tongue. When I got in my car, it finally hit me and I called the restaurant to tell the man what the song was called. (If you’re wondering, it was Christmas Canon). I went along my merry way and discarded this event. Until……today. I was on stage practicing with the praise team, when in walked…our WAITER!!!! I was rejoicing for that God encounter and for a new brother to join our church. I welcomed him and made him feel at home, with many others. Turns out he is helping to start a missions school near us. I was just so surprised at what God had done. After church, when I was sitting at home, I was thinking about the incident and its spiritual significance. He had already planned on coming to Potter’s House without me saying a word about my church. I hadn’t witnessed to him (which in hindsight is really convicting me!!!), but for some reason God decided to put him in my path the week before he came to Potter’s House. I asked God, “Why??” And then it hit me. To make a real life example of the blog post that had hit me so hard a week before. If people saw me during the week would they be surprised to see me on stage, “ushering in the presence of the Lord”? Or am I carrying the presence of the Lord everywhere I go?? Am I pointing to the Lord in all I do in ALL situations?? Am I giving Him every moment of my life, or just an hour or two on Sundays??? I strive to be a light!!! I want my passion to ignite others!!! Always!! No Breaks!!!


    1. Kim, that is powerful! What a perfect example of how the way we live our lives outside of the church doors can impact someone for the better or worse if they ever decide to visit our church. I thank God that He used your life as an example to that waiter. Your example is priceless, thanks so much for sharing!


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