It’s Hard To Be Quiet When Your Passion Is Stirred.


What’s your passion?

Are you moved by world hunger and poverty?  Does child-abuse or neglect really affect you?  Are you moved by a particular cause like abortion or the support of young mothers facing this decision?  Most people are passionate about something, even if it’s football.  And because we care so much about this particular topic, whenever it comes up we find it easy to discuss our point of view.  In many cases, we find it difficult NOT to say something.

Being passionate is important.

I have referred to King Josiah before because of his passion for the things of the Lord.  King Josiah was only 8 years old when he began to reign as king.  When he was 18, his men found the Law of God that had been given to Moses and they showed it to the king.  King Josiah was very angry that his fathers had disregarded the ways that God had instructed them to live.  He immediately began making plans to get things right in the kingdom..

“When the king heard the words of the Book of the Law, he tore his robes.” 2 Kings 22:11

King Josiah was passionate about making things right.  He was passionate about serving God.  He tore down idols, altars, and the high places where this false worship occurred and didn’t stop until the land was rid of the sin and pleasing to God.

That’s passion.

Passion will cause us do things that we normally wouldn’t do.  It will make us fight stronger, work harder, speak louder, and reach further.  It causes us to move.  We move because we want to see a difference.  We want change.  We want to see things made right.  So the question remains…

What are YOU passionate about?

I want to be passionate about the things that God is passionate about.  I want to know His heart – the things that stir Him up.  We serve a passionate God!  If you don’t believe it, read through the bible and look at the examples of God protecting His children.  Look at His strong judgement against evil. Look at His extreme love shown to us by sending His only Son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross.

To be passionate about the things God is passionate about we must know the heart of God.  If we want to know the heart of God, we have to spend time in the presence of God. Spending time in His presence allows us to know Him more intimately.  Our ears become better trained to hear Him, our Spirit more sensitive to His guidance, and our flesh better at obeying Him.

We are a passionate people created in a passionate God’s image.  Allow God to stir up a passion in you that mirrors His heart.  As that passion develops and burns in you, let it move you to fight stronger, work harder, speak louder, and reach further than you thought possible – all for the glory of God.  He will give you the strength.

He will give you the passion.

Thank you to Kheel Center, Cornell University for today’s photo.


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