HUMILITY… What To Do When You Are The Most Humble Person You Know.



Do you find yourself humble?  Quite possible the most humble person you know?


This week we will take a look at humility – what it is, why it’s important, and how God works through it.  The bible speaks a lot on the topic of humility and gives great examples of humble people doing absolutely amazing things.  And as we look at these examples we will answer questions like…

  • Does humility equal weakness?
  • How can a humble person accomplish anything great?
  • Is there a difference between humility and timidity?
  • What about false humility?
  • How do I become more humble?
  • How do I react with humility when I receive compliments for something God is doing in me or through me?

So let’s kick the week off answering the question…

What exactly is HUMILITY?

To start with, gives the following definition:

“the quality or condition of being humble;  modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.”


At first glance, this is not a terribly exciting definition nor does it appear to be the description of some great life, especially when you look at the synonyms for humility – lowliness, meekness, submissiveness.   Are these the characteristics of great warriors, passionate leaders, or powerful deliverers?   They seem more like a description of the losers!  The ones who run from a fight, who back down when confronted, who would much rather follow a crowd than lead one.

But, as usual, God does things differently than we expect (or even think) He should.  When we look into the bible and see what God has to say about humility, we find humility is a necessity – an activator – for the good things that God wants to do in our life.

In Proverbs 22:4, it says:

“By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honor, and life.”


So humility, meekness, submissiveness lead to riches, honor, and life?  How can this be?  What about grabbing life by the horns?  What about making it happen? What about going for the gusto and all that…. glory?

Apparently God looks at things differently than we do.

There is a time and place for action and decisiveness but it’s proper time and place is within God’s direction and guidance.  In the coming week we will look deeper into humility and find out why…

…it’s important not to view yourself as the most important.


  1. The title caught my eye, so I had to check it out! Very appreciative for the Scriptural perspective on this—it is very refreshing! Just the other day, I heard someone make the comment “I hate being around prideful people”. Couldn’t help but notice the contradictory nature of that statement.

    It’s been rightly said that humility is a very delicate thing…..the moment you realize you have it, you’ve lost it.


  2. Humility is a fruit of the spirit and it is a principle for greatness.
    Look into the life of great men who made it genuinely, you will the fruit of humility in them…
    Great men don’t proud because they are led by the spirit of God.


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