Defeating the ME in each of us!

It something we all face every day.

It’s the selfish, self-serving, self-preserving side of us that wants to fulfill our flesh-generated desires with micro-fast speed.  It’s the side of us that does not want to be bothered with other people’s problems, with day-altering decisions, or requests for our time, our service, or our stuff.

The ME weight.

Are you carrying this weight today?  Are you bound by it’s heavy chains?  As a Christian man or woman our ability to serve Jesus the way He calls us to serve Him is severely impacted by our inability to release this heavy weight.  While He calls us to give, the ME weight tells us to get as much as we can.  When He calls us to reach out to those in need, the ME weight says “you don’t have the resources.”  When Jesus prompts us to stop and spend time with Him, the ME in us says to keep going and find time for that later.

The ME weight will not allow you to follow obediently.  We wear ourselves out attempting to gratify the flesh, while Jesus says to simply…

Love Him.  Follow Him.  Hear Him.  Serve Him.  

When we release our grip on the weight of ME, we find a freedom that comes from living for someone other than ourselves.  No longer are we concerned with accumulating and keeping up with others, instead we look for ways to bless those less fortunate than we are.  No longer are we concerned with protecting our free time, we look for opportunities to listen to those who just need someone to talk to.  Instead of planning our life around our goals, we ask God what His plan is for us and determine to walk in it.

Am I always successful?  Nope.  The weight of ME bumps me on the heels almost every day.  But when I recognize it’s heaviness I have the choice to release the chains, or to grip them tighter and keep dragging it along leaving a deep trench in the ground behind me.

I want to let it go.  How about you?

The ME weight….

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