LIVING THE DANIEL LIFE… A Captive in the King’s Court! (Daniel Chapter One)

Daniel was a man of God who found himself in a country besieged and under the rule of an idol serving king. Even though he was unknown by the now ruling king, he stood out as a man who was wise, able to learn quickly, and able to communicate well in the presence of the king.

What was it that drew attention to Daniel? Why such favor on him and his three Hebrew friends? It wasn’t just the recognition of an earthly king, it was through the blessing of the King of all creation.

In Daniel, chapter one, we find that Daniel was committed to God. Even when taking his portion of the King’s food and drink would have been easier, and probably more appetizing, Daniel chose to honor God by eating vegetables and drinking water rather than defiling himself.

Because of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah’s commitment they were found to be the healthiest, wisest, and best suited for the King’s service.

Do you limit yourself because you feel you have nothing to offer? Do you feel you cannot be successful because your a Christian? Think again. While serving God is not a guarantee that you will become wealthy, God may choose to elevated you, giving you wisdom and favor because of your faithfulness in him.

We may not understand why God has us in the place we are in. Even when you feel you are a captive in the enemy’s territory, remain faithful.  God place you in the King’s court!

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