Opening my eyes for a CHANGE!

Today a friend of mine posted a comment on Facebook that hit me in the heart.  He was talking about how he decided to open his eyes and see the blessings in the world around him.

“… I opened my eyes for a change.”

When I read his comment the thought immediately started rolling around in my mind….

Opening my eyes for a CHANGE.  

You see, when my friend said “opened my eyes for a change” it could be taken more than one way. One obvious way is to mean that someone opened their eyes for a change – as in deciding to open their eyes to the world around them since they recently had not. This meaning is good of course, because so many times I am oblivious to the blessings that the Lord gives me each day.  I take the sunrise, the brisk air, my health, even my LIFE for granted. Opening my eyes to those blessings can help me to have a more positive attitude on life and a greater love for my God.

Another meaning that came to mind when I read the phrase “opened my eyes for a change” was that of an actual…


Sometimes we grow so disgruntled with our job, our situations, and life in general that we find ourselves in a mundane, dreary existence – one that God did not intend for us to live. When we wake up (spiritually & physically) and open our eyes for a CHANGE, we now are looking for and expecting that change. We face our day with gratitude and excitement knowing that greater things are coming.  Knowing that change is on the way.  

The initial change may not be in our situation, in our job, or in our family – it may start quietly in our heart. From there it spreads. It affects all the things our life touches. Like a fire it begins to burn away the things that are meaningless and purify the things that remain.  It lights the way as we walk life’s path, and it warms us in the chill of the night.

Jesus is that Fire.

Lord, open my eyes for a CHANGE.  Help me to see what you want to do today, what you want to change in me so that you can shine brighter in me than ever before.


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