Our newly designed Family Crest!

Needless to say, I was inspired this weekend.

One of the things that I wanted to work on immediately was our family Crest or Coat of Arms.   The way that we went about it was by having a family meeting – me, my wife, and our 4 daughters – and discussing 4 things that we want our family to represent.  After some discussion we settled in on what they should be and I went to work designing our Crest, with help from my wonderful partner/wife.

Here’s what we’ve came up with….

Coat of Arms framed new lion 11x16

Here are the meanings of the different symbols:

  1. Lion: God
  2. Powerful Ruler Banner:  The meaning of my name (Richard)
  3. Grace Banner:  The meaning of my wife’s name (Careise)
  4. Grape Vines:  Fruitfulness
  5. Dove:  Peacemaker
  6. Braided Ring:  Unity
  7. Scale:  Integrity
  8. Candle:  Light to the world
  9. 4 Stars:  Our 4 daughters

I can already see how valuable this will be in our family.  We have began referencing it with the girls and being sure that our actions are lining up with our family values.   Down the line it will begin to hold more and more meaning and, just like Steven discussed, this will be passed along to each of our daughters as they get married.

I plan to talk with the printer tomorrow so we can get it printed and framed and on the wall.  I’ll post a picture of it once it’s complete.




  1. Hey Rick that is really neat. I have heard of that before. I think that is your family’s mission statement and causes each family member to hold each other accountable. I can see each of your daughters as they get married to have their ring bearers to hold the pillow that their wedding rings will be resting on to have the Littreal crest embroidered on it for their new families to live by as well, a legacy. I have another reading recommendation for by James Dobson called “Bringing Up Girls”. You may have read it already.

    His Grace and Mercy, Gary


    1. Gary:

      Careise and I are both stoked about all our family will be able to use our crest for. We have already began using to discuss whether or not our actions are lining up with our family mission or attributes. I also see it being handed down to each of our daughters when they marry and I will also expect each of their husbands to design one prior to their marriage so I can get a visual of the priorities he has – and also to force him to consider where his values lay. I encourage any man who hasn’t already to take on this project with his family if applicable, or by himself if he is unmarried.

      And let me tell you about “Bringing Up Girls”! That book changed my life and mindset about how I view my daughters and the impact my life has on them. I read it around 3 years ago and still tell total strangers that I meet about how good of a book it is and how important it is for them to read it. I’ve shared it in Walmart, Starbucks, and other places. I don’t really care where I am – it had that much of an impact on me.

      Thanks for your post, Gary. I appreciate you, my brother.



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