The way you define peace could be the exact reason you can’t find it.

IMG_2219Does peace in your life seem unattainable?  Maybe your expectations are wrong.

Many men attempt peace in their life by avoiding things that cause disruption or discomfort – difficult decisions, correcting poor behavior in a child, stepping up in their marriage, etc.  But is that really the definition of peace?

I saw an example of peace once that painted a perfect picture… literally.  The first image showed a large, calm lake surrounded by a beautiful landscape.  A place where most of us guys would love to hang a hammock, set up a tent, build a campfire and enjoy. It’s a perfectly peaceful scenario with no sign of danger or discomfort.  The next image shows a raging waterfall rushing over the side of a cliff.   It appears cold, uninviting, and dangerous; leaving most with little desire to spend time there.  When you look at the image, you may even wonder why a small bird nested on a gnarled branch extended precariously beside it would choose that location for it’s home.

The question is asked:

Which one represents peace?

Many would answer that the calm lake and beautiful surroundings best represents peace…. but does it?  Not really.  It actually just represents the lack of conflict or challenge.  On the other hand, the picture of the bird nesting by the waterfall shows true peace – a bird settled into it’s nest, in front of a raging waterfall, but unafraid.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.”  Isaiah 26:3

Which picture would represent your view of peace?  Do we seek a place where there is no challenge – void of any adventure or do we find our peace in knowing that God is with us and keeps us even in the most raging circumstances? Being an intentional man will many times put you in the midst of difficult situations and decisions.  God’s peace will sustain you through every one of them!

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