Want to be wise? Then don’t surround yourself with the foolish.


“He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”  Proverbs 13:20


When I was young, my dad told me to decide what type of person I wanted to be and then to surround myself with those type of people.

That’s great advice.

It’s not that we totally separate ourselves from the world and refuse to interact. How then could we befriend sinners and lead them to the Lord? No, instead it’s the recognition that we need to surround ourselves with godly men and women who will be an encouragement to us along the way. I need strong men of integrity and honor that I can count on for prayer and accountability. I need older men I can look to as examples of those who have lived strong in the faith and are enduring to the end.

We need each other.

So who are you surrounding yourself with? Who do you turn to for advice or guidance?

Do you want to be wise?

Then walk with the wise.

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