A letter to our unborn Son.

My dear Son,

This is my first entry of what I hope and plan to be many as I try to guide you through the coming years and teach you what it means to be a man.  Tomorrow mommy will be 21 weeks pregnant with you.  You are due October 16, 2014.  It’s amazing really.  I never expected to have a son and I feel a bit nervous to know that I am.  Not because I’m afraid of raising a boy, but because of the great responsibility I have to raise you to be all God has created you to be.  Of course, the greater work will be done by Him, but I am responsible for making sure I teach you well the Word of God and who He says you are as a man.  Isn’t that funny?  You are not yet born but I already refer to you as a man?  That’s how I see you Son.  You will be born an innocent, small baby needing every need attended to but so, so quickly you will grow into a man.  And in those few years that the Lord trusts you in my care, I want to invest in you all that I can so that you are well prepared – at least as prepared as you can be – for what life will bring.


Needless to say I am not perfect.  I’m far from it.  At times I have dreams to do big things – great things – for the Lord and then at other times I feel inadequate to accomplish even the easiest things for Him.  It’s funny how our minds work, how easily we are swayed in our thinking and emotion.  If we do not have Christ as our anchor then we will continually be tossed about and never accomplish more than what is possible in a few short days since, like I said above, our emotions will take over and once again cause our ship to change course in one of life’s pop-up storms.


I am writing this to encourage you when the days of feeling inadequate come YOUR way.  They will come my son, because the simple truth is that we are all inadequate to handle the significant task that lay before us as men.  It is utterly impossible for us to handle life’s challenges, the evil influences, the great disappointments, and even the great successes without having our life in the hands of our Lord and Savior.  None of us is strong enough.  No matter the size of our muscles or the strength of our resolve.  In and of ourselves we are inadequate.  But there is good news, Son.  We aren’t in this alone!


Jesus walks before us, beside us, and behind us.  He surrounds us and through Him all things are possible.  The storms don’t seem as scary, the attacks aren’t as overwhelming, and the victories are so much sweeter.  He completes us.  He is our Strength.  He is our Integrity.  He is our Honor.  He is all that we are intended to be as men.  Without Him we can’t – with Him we WILL!


Son, there will be times when you will fail.  We all stumble and make mistakes.  I’ve made many, many, many and I’ll make many, many more.  I’ll surely make my fair share while raising you.  Just remember to get up when you fall.  Proverbs 24:16a says “Though a righteous man fall seven times, he will get up…”  You will be a righteous man and God will give you the strength you need to get back up when you fall – even when it hurts, even when your tired, even when you want to quit –  He will give you the strength to get up and keep pressing forward.  You can do it.


I still find it hard to believe that I am having a SON.  What a blessing you are, Richard Lee Littreal III.  You will be as noble as your name sounds.  I believe it.  I believe it because I believe that God has a great plan for your life and that you will choose to walk in it.


I’m proud of you already.


Through all of our ups and downs, successes and failures, laughter and tears I will love you.






  1. What an awesome letter to our son, honey. He is going to be so proud to call you, daddy. He is gonna grow into such a wonderful man , just like you.

    I love you

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail


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