Thanks Cheerios, for making a commercial that doesn’t make dads look stupid.

Culture today is bombarded with television shows, movies, and commercials that make dads look like morons.  They are portrayed as bumbling idiots who can’t take care of themselves, much less their family.  These television dads are fortunate, however, to be partnered with a witty, strong-willed, educated wife who knows how to handle the kids, family issues, and even repairs around the home.  Now there’s nothing wrong with a strong woman, but does it always have to be at the expense of a weak-minded father who would rather play with his kid’s video games (alone) than teach them something meaningful?

Hooray for General Mills / Cheerios for breaking out of the norm and showing dad as a real man.  Not an overbearing man.  Not a man of superhuman strength.  Not a perfect man with a perfect family. They show a real-looking man with a middle class home with kids doing normal things.   He helps around the house, communicates with his kids, and cares for his wife.

He’s simply a dad who manages his family and seems to understand the importance of his role.

Yes, it was just a Cheerios commercial.  But it’s a legitimate and strong representation of dad.

And I’ll take that.

What do you think of the Cheerios commercial?  How do you feel about how dads are portrayed in today’s culture?


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