Men’s Life Coaching

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It’s about reaching your goals.

Why do sports teams, actors, and even business professionals have coaches?  To help set attainable goals, provide encouragement and accountability needed to reach those goals, and celebrate with the individual when they succeed. Many times the coach even helps discover what position you’re best suited to play.

Life coaching follows the same principles.  We discuss what area you feel God is calling you into or what change He is leading you to make. We look at your big-picture dreams.  We set small, incremental goals to help measure your success on the way to achieving your dream.  Each time celebrating as you break into new territory.  Encouragement and accountability help keep you focused when obstacles arise along the path to fulfilling your dream.  Can you do it on your own?  Possibly.  But can you do it better, more focused, and maybe even faster with someone working alongside you?  I think so!

What’s the process?

Using the 4 Stages of Change Model we…

  1. RECOGNIZE the change you want to make or goal you wish to attain and discuss where the desire is coming from.
  2. ORGANIZE a plan to attain your goals.
  3. ENERGIZE the idea by putting it in writing, in action, and in perspective.
  4. REALIZE and celebrate the goals, both small and big!

What you’ll get.

  1. 30 minute complimentary initial coaching consultation.
  2. Three 30 minute one-on-one coaching calls, and one 60 minute in person meeting per month.
  3. If your schedule does not allow or if distance is a factor, the 60 minute in person meeting may be substituted for a 60 minute phone session or web meeting.
  4. Discussion recap sent via email after each meeting or phone discussion to help solidify goals for the coming week.

It will only work if you do.

It takes hard work and dedication to make significant changes or reach lofty goals in life.  Having great ideas, talking about great ideas, and even strategizing how to accomplish those ideas will not work if your not willing to put those plans into action.  Change is difficult.  Reaching new levels is difficult.  Building a strong legacy is difficult.  But the rewards are worth the investment of time, tears, and passion.  I want to help you succeed!

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