20 characteristics of a godly man.


Opinions are easy to come by – people will have one on just about anything you ask. The weather last weekend? Last night’s game?  The food at the new restaurant? Just ask and they’ll have their perspective ready for sharing.

Like our thoughts about our favorite football team, most of us also have an opinion about what it means to be a real man. Strong? Courageous?  A great leader? Characteristics like these come to mind for some but something totally different for others.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you or I think it means to be a man.  What really matters are the characteristics God says a man should have.  With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 20 biblical characteristics of a godly man to help us see how we measure up.  Ready for them?

Here you go…

1. A godly man is a just man – Micah 6:8
2. A godly man is a man of mercy – Micah 6:8
3. A godly man is a man of humility – Micah 6:8  
4. A godly man is blameless – Psalms 15
5. A godly man is righteous – Psalms 15
6. A godly man is truthful – Psalms 15
7. A godly man does not slander – Psalms 15
8. A godly man is kind to neighbors – Psalms 15
9. A godly man despises evil – Psalms 15
10. A godly man keeps promises, even to his hurt – Psalms 15
11. A godly man is giving, not greedy – Psalms 15
12. A godly man is a man of integrity – Psalms 15
13. A godly man is unshakeable – Psalms 15
14. A godly man is holy – Ephesians 1:4
15. A godly man is a doer of the word of God – James 1:25
16. A godly man is fruitful – Galatians 5:22-23, Psalms 1:3
17. A godly man delights in the Lord’s commands – Psalms 1:1
18. A godly man is prosperous – Psalms 1:3
19. A godly man does not blend in with the world – Psalms 1:1
20. A godly man strives for perfection in Christ – Matthew 5:48

So, how did you do?  If you’re like us, you’ve got some things to work on — but at least we now have a place to start.  It’s tough to be godly men living an intentional life if we haven’t taken time learn the characteristics of a godly man. How do we measure our progress?  Surely not by our own opinion or by those in the world around us!  Keep in mind that it’s not by our own resolution or determination that we will become more Christ-like.  It’s through our relationship with Jesus and His work in our life.

We hope you’ll spend some time each day reading the bible and discovering who God has created you to be.

Don’t Give Up on the Dream God Gave You!

In part one of the START HERE series we looked at Samson.  He had blown it big time and found himself shaved, blinded, and serving the enemy he had once conquered.  But we learned even when things seemed hopeless, Samson remembered where his strength came from.  He repented, his strength was restored, and he was able to accomplish the mission God have given him – to be a judge of Israel and conquer the Philistines.

Through Samson we learned when we feel like quitting, the first step is to remember that our strength is in God, not in ourselves.

As we continue with Part Two of the series, we’ll look at King David and find out how, even when we have to wait, God is faithful to His promises.

David was a man known both for great accomplishments and great mistakes.  His name was synonymous with victory many times in his life – in battle, in honor, and in ruling his kingdom.  But he was also familiar with the taste of fear, of defeat, and of…. waiting. 

You may remember that David was anointed king at the young age of 15 by the prophet Samuel.  Like many accounts in the bible, we are able to read through the story quickly and find that he does in fact become king.  What we can miss, however, is that the process took 15 years!  Yes, from the time he was anointed king it took 15 years before God’s promise would be fulfilled.

If you’re thinking that’s a long time to wait, I agree!  But what’s worse is what David goes through during that 15 year period.  It started off well enough – watching sheep, killing Goliath, playing a harp for King Saul, and even winning some great battles as he got older.  However, as his fame grew we see his situation begin to change… for the worse.  Saul didn’t like the attention David was getting from his people and his jealousy grew to the point of wanting David dead.  So David finds himself on the run – in the wilderness, hiding in caves, even pretending to be insane at one point.  Not exactly what you’d picture God’s anointed king doing.

But we can learn a lot from David during this story.  While being hunted by King Saul, David depends on God for strength, provision, and defense. Some of the Psalms were even written by David during this time. For example, Psalms 18 was written after David and his small army of outcast men were surrounded by King Saul’s vast army of trained professionals. The situation seemed bleak for David and his men.  Saul’s army was about to close in and David had not even a slim chance of victory. But in the face of impossibility God delivered David by allowing the Philistines to attack Saul’s land, causing Saul to leave his pursuit for the more pressing issue. Even Saul realized the Philistines were more important than his raging jealousy of David.

We look at what God did here for David and are amazed.  But do you know what I think?  I think David almost expected it – and that’s what makes the difference. David believed God would keep His promise and he was willing to wait for God’s timing.  Even in the face of impossibility.  Even when he was hiding in a cave.  Even after years had gone by.

He believed.

Right now you may be the David we read about in the wilderness.  You’re sure that God put a dream in your heart and that He has a purpose for your life.   Maybe someone long ago spoke a word over you and you felt confirmation in your spirit that it was from God.  Possibly you’ve felt led into an area of ministry or to work with a specific group of people. However your dream got there, it’s there and you’ve been waiting for the right door to open, the right person to recognize your ability, or the right time to move but it hasn’t come.  Like Saul after David, the devil has been trying to destroy you.  Honestly you wonder why he’s so concerned.  You’re not doing much at all for God, after all.  You surely don’t feel like your fulfilling your destiny!

Satan is after you because he sees God’s hand at work in your life. He wants to chase you into the wilderness and keep you distracted and discouraged.  He hopes to destroy you before you fulfill your destiny.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  When the devil is attacking you, consider it a compliment.  If he didn’t see you as a threat, he wouldn’t waste his time.

David could have quit.  He could have reached the point where he’d had enough and gave up.  But he didn’t, he believed God and the promise He made.  Guys, sometimes we quit just short of victory. We give up, not realizing that the open door we’ve been searching for was just a day away, a phone call away, or new contact away.

I can never expect to understand the mind of God or His grand plan for my life but I can trust that He always has a perfect plan. If we can trust Him like David, we will be amazed at what God will do. Just be willing to wait.

Wait, expecting great things to happen!

Your life on earth is about the first 4 inches of a 100 foot rope.


If a 100 foot rope represents our life from the time we’re born throughout all eternity, our life on earth only takes up the first 4 inches of that rope. In this short but powerful video Francis Chan asks why so many of us put extreme emphasis on our comfort here on earth, rather than living with eternity in mind.

Using a rope as an illustration, in just over 3 minutes he drives home the importance of setting our priorities wisely.   After you watch the video, share your thoughts.

Do you think we put too much emphasis on being comfortable here on earth? 


Photo by Rachel Towne, Flickr.com: LICENSE