Mike’s Story… “Sharing life with those left behind.”

I would say that the most courageous thing I’ve ever done (based on the level of fear I had to overcome in doing it) was to preach the funeral of a young man that I had never met, but was the boyfriend of a distant family member.  He had died very suddenly in a tragic accident and all evidence indicated that this young man was not saved and had a substance abuse problem that continued to plague him off and on up until his death.

As I did the funeral, the Lord allowed me to stand before about 200 of his (and my) family members and friends, and with heart pounding and sweaty hands trembling, to preach the Gospel to them after the eulogy was complete.  I had often prayed for opportunities like that, but never realized just how much fear (at least for me, that is) would have to be overcome to do it.  I recognize that this could NEVER have been done without God’s magnificent grace and the power of His Holy Spirit.   It was truly not by might, nor by power, but only by His Spirit that this was accomplished.


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